Do I have to be a Texas A&M student?

Absolutely Not! This event is for any college student in the state of Texas that is, or aspires to be a Hacker.

Do I need a team or idea to sign up?

It is highly encouraged that you find a team of four Hackers from your school to compete with. However, if you are unable to do so we’ll be able to place you on another team at the start of the competition. 

You should definitely discuss ideas with your team before the event. The earlier you start planning, the cooler the Hack will be!

Do I have to be there the entire time?

In order to compete in the competition you must stay for the entire Hackathon. You’re allowed to arrive to the competition late, but all code for your project must be written on site.

Can I start working before the Hacker Bowl starts?

Teams are not allowed to use code they have written prior to the competition in their project. However, certain circumstances exceptions can be made if the software/hardware doesn’t present a competitive advantage for the team. If you have any doubt whether or not your project will be allowed just let us know and we’ll see what we can do. We don’t want this rule to stop you from building something amazing!